Who am I

standing in the midst of all this thought traffic?

“Who are you?” asks the caterpillar in Lewis Carroll’s famous book “Alice in Wonderland”. Alice hesitantly replies, “I…I hardly know.”

Many people share her uncertainty.

Have you ever asked yourself who you really are beneath the personality, thought and belief system that you’ve accumulated over the years? Perhaps you are on your own journey of personal development or a spiritual path, however you define it, with a deep longing to live to your full potential.

Over time you’ve become good at displaying and even identifying with your public face or persona, the one that helps you get along in life. You are not alone. It’s part of the human socialization process. Yet at a deep level you know there’s a real, authentic you that wants to wake up and live with more compassion and freedom, energy and purpose.

Maybe you are simply looking for:

– a greater ability to handle stress
– a calmer and clearer mind
– more focus and purpose in your life
– improved relationships and communication skills
– a life with more passion and energy
– a deeper sense of happiness and freedom

Perhaps you have your own unique intentions or goals?

If these words have meaning for you then I encourage you to sign up for this retreat.

The next Enlightenment Intensive Retreat starts on May 30, 2019

Quote of the moment

…knock at the door of reality, shake your thought-wings, loosen your shoulders, and open. ~Rumi

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