I gained a better understanding of my mind and all the layers that are between the truest, purest version of myself, and the person that I am on a daily basis. I had moments of peaceful bliss and the practices brought me into the present moment like never before, so I was able to start breaking down the mind. I am already looking forward to the next one, where I can continue the practice and be open to what gift wants to show up next.


The Enlightenment Intensive offered me the opportunity to set aside my perpetual mind chatter and go to a place where I had not gone before. I cut away the layers of many chapters of my fabricated life. It was a breath of fresh air to discover I was more than just a refection of external sources, people and institutions. The experience showed me I was deeply connected to the oneness of the universe. While I wanted to stay in that place rather than return to my “normal” life, when I did return, I felt a greater awareness and appreciation for my own authentic place in the world.


I have attended three Enlightenment Intensives and with each one, a deeper learning of my truth and core Being has been exposed. I can hardly believe that a simple instruction opened me to the depth of truth I reached. I experienced every range of emotion on my journey, however, none as gratifying as the moment I received the greatest gift that could have been given – Me. The real authentic me. No longer am I prisoner to other beliefs or opinions. If you are looking to find yourself or even gain a clearer understanding of who you are, the Enlightenment Intensive is for you. Be warned though; Once you enter you will never be the same. (And that is the most amazing feeling in the world).


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