In his book The New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose, Eckhart Tolle states, “Before you ask any other question, first ask the most fundamental question of your life: Who am I?”. He is one of many mystics and teachers, current and historical, who urge us to ponder that question. If you ask most people they will respond with their name, their job title, profession, or they might add an idea of what they are such as a human being. I’ve heard people say they were a spiritual being having a human experience. That’s still only a concept of the mind.

Given that it’s Halloween, I started thinking about this. Children put on a costume of their favourite hero and go out Trick or Treating. Many adults dress up in an elaborate costume and go to a party. I’ve done it myself. It’s fun for the kids and the adults. I began to wonder if we are all living with the costume of our personalities, thoughts, and beliefs that we each have developed since birth in the cultural setting in which we have lived and grown up. Wearing a costume at a Halloween party was fun, but when I came home it was always a relief to take it off. I felt a sense of freedom. Maybe we need a costume to survive in this world, but I still wonder what it would be like if we were to directly experienced ourselves occasionally beyond the mind as Who we really are, and related to each other from that sense of Being.

Any thoughts?

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