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Ever since I can remember I have always had this sense that there was something more beneath what I was experiencing. It’s as if I always wanted to look behind the curtain. Like most people I had the typical nagging questions. Who am I? What’s the meaning of life?

Along the way I became very curious about Enlightenment. My search for answers included many books, workshops, therapy, retreats, videos, my “church” experience, prayer, meditation, and the investigation of various other religious and spiritual traditions. Looking back, I now realize that all these things were very valuable and important in my journey. They also seem to have set me up for the Enlightenment Intensive Retreat and the powerful benefits it has to offer.

My professional career as a mental health therapist supported and deepened my search through education, supervision, learning various therapeutic modalities, and professional workshops in order to serve clients and patients effectively.

Thankfully, a few years before I retired I was introduced to the Enlightenment Intensive Retreat. There was no dogma, no teachings or belief system, no organization to join and no guru to follow. However, it did offer something completely different – a simple, yet powerful process to accelerate and deepen my inner journey while I continued to explore and learn from all the other resources available. Moreover, it brought me to my own “direct experience” of Who I really am.

I have been involved with the Enlightenment Intensive for the past 10 years – participating, staffing, training, and leading. Because the work has been so powerful and supportive in my own journey, I want to provide others with the opportunity to experience for themselves the benefits that I have received.

I look forward to serving you on the next retreat.

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